Wooden Horse/Nash Creek/Cottonwood Creek Projects
Guadalupe County

Guadalupe County’s projects include Wooden Horse, Nash Creek, and Cottonwood Creek.

Kuhn A5 well at Wooden Horse property. It was tested at 142 BOPD. It is the first well drilled with Emerald Bay’s new technical team.

Wooden Horse

  • 5 pay zones tested. Target development zones will be Buda, Austin Chalk and Edwards
  • Infrastructure is complete
  • Recently increased ownership from 27.78% to 50% W.I.
  • RRC approved “New Field Discovery.” The field name is “Kingsbury Edwards” field
  • New technical team has completed initial interpretation
  • We now have focus and clarity on the faulting and trapping necessary for development
  • Acquiring additional offset lands
  • Activity to date
    • Drilled and tested 1 horizontal and 5 vertical wells
    • 1 salt water disposal well
    • Continues to refine 3D seismic program
BeauMar 1 well at Nash Creek property.

Nash Creek

  • Zones of Interest: Pecan Gap, Austin Chalk, Buda, Edwards
  • Recently increased ownership from 27.78% to 50% W.I.
  • Activity to date
    • Purchased existing Pecan Gap well on the land that has produced over 60,000 barrels of oil since it was originally drilled in 1937
    • Completed an extensive 3D seismic program and two test wells have now been drilled to acquire sonic log and amplitude confirmation
    • Applied for a salt water disposal well permit
Poenitz 1 well at Cottonwood Creek property. As part of the company’s extensive workover program, the well was brought back on line in 2018 and is now producing approximately 6 bbls/day of oil.

Cottonwood Creek

  • Zones of Interest: Navarro, Austin Chalk, Buda
  • Activity to date
    • 2 exploratory wells
  • The Poenitz 1 well has been brought back on line
  • Completed a reconfiguration of the tank battery at the Poenitz lease
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